Terms & Conditions

Weddings & Functions

Please take a few minutes to carefully read this information, as booking A Classical Occasion means acceptance of our performance Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions will ensure a great time for yourself, your guests and the performers.


To ensure availability, it is essential that books are make 1 month in advance. A Classical Occasion requires that a non-refundable $100 deposit be made at the time of the booking.


Payment can be made via cash, cheque or direct bank deposit. Bank transfer details are available upon request. Full payment is required one week prior to the event and not on the day of the event. If payment is not received one week before the event, A Classical Occasion will not play.


A minimum of 1 week is required to cancel a booking. The $100 deposit is not refundable under any circumstances. Any remaining amount paid will be refunded.

Additional Charges

  • For weddings only, we do not charge for additional time if the bride is late.
  • If on the day of your event you wish the ensemble to play longer than the previously agreed time, this can be negotiated subject to the availability of each performer.

Performance Requirements

Most of the instruments we use are all acoustic and fragile. They react substantially to temperature, the weather and the environment in which they are being played. Therefore, there are certain Terms and Conditions to ensure our performance is a success.

We require:

  • One armless chair per musician;
  • A 240V main power outlet within 20m if they keyboard is being used. If the distance to a power outlet is greater than 20m a suitable extension lead must be supplied by the client.
  • A playing space of minimum dimensions 2m * 4m or 3m * 3m. More space is required if there are more than 4 musicians.
  • Sufficient light—either natural or artificial—for the musicians to be able to read 12pt type at a distance of 50cm.
  • If the performance is for a wedding, the musicians must be able to see and hear the proceedings of the ceremony so they can be cued as to when to play. The client must arrange for a person to cue the musicians and this person must be introduced to the musicians before the ceremony commences.
  • Placement of the ensemble indoors or near structures such as walls, vegetation and on hard surfaces such as tiles, glass, brick or masonry can assist sound production and are ideal. Due to our use of acoustic instruments, placement on soft fittings such as carpet and rugs dampens the sound.
  • A 10 minute break is required each hour for performances over 1 hour in duration. If a booking is longer than 3 hours the musicians require meals and will take a 20 minutes break. If the event includes speeches or other activities where music is not required we are happy to schedule breaks at the same time. No breaks are required for a wedding ceremony.

In outdoor settings:

  • All instruments and musicians must be in the shade otherwise we will not play. Direct sunlight is damaging for both instruments and musicians. Acceptable shade includes dense trees, umbrellas or a marquee, verandah or gazebo.
  • Sound does not project as well as in indoor settings. Therefore, the ensemble should be placed as close as possible to the audience.
  • We will not perform in precipitation (rain, mist, etc.) of any magnitude. Water greatly damages our valuable instruments. Please have a wet weather plan in place or a sheltered space available for us to play in.
  • We can not perform on the beach. Sea-spray and sand damage our instruments.
  • Venues beside rivers or large bodies of water are often windy. If winds exceed 39km/h (where large branches are in motion or umbrella use becomes difficult) we cannot play as keeping sheet music and music stands in place becomes impossible. The client accepts responsibility for providing shelter for the ensemble in such weather.

Unless otherwise stated, failure to meet the above Terms and Conditions may result in the ensemble being unable to perform and forfeiture of the fee.


Please take a few minutes to carefully read this information, as booking A Classical Occasion means acceptance of our accompanying Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions will help to ensure your rehearsals and performance are a success.


It is the client’s responsibility to contact the accompanist at least one month before performances. Failure to do so may result in a higher fee or unavailability. Upon first contact, the exact date, time and location of the event must be specified. For AMEB examinations and eisteddfods the specification of the date is acceptable until the schedule or program is made available, at which time the client must inform the accompanist as soon as possible.

Music Scores

A Classical Occasion requires that the client provides a copy of the music and either posts or delivers it to the accompanist as soon as possible.

Change in Performance Conditions

The client must inform the accompanist immediately if the date, time or music of the performance changes. Failure to do so may result in the accompanist being unavailable.


Discuss the accompanist’s fees upon first contact and make certain that you are prepared and able to pay the agreed amount. Deciding after the music has been issued and the accompanist has already learned the repertoire is not acceptable.

Payment is due after each rehearsal and performance in cash or paid in lump sum at the end of the first rehearsal (if the number of rehearsals has been negotiated in advance). Please be prepared with the correct change. Failing to pay your accompanist is unprofessional and reflects poorly on you. If full payment is not made, A Classical Occasion will not accompany the client in the future.


Be on time for your rehearsals. If you are late the accompanist is not responsible for making up the time or starting the rehearsal from the time of arrival. Fees will be charged from the scheduled time.


Should you need to cancel a rehearsal or performance, 24 hours notice must be given. A text message just before a rehearsal is due to commence is not acceptable. The client will be charged 50% of the total fee payable if less then 24 hours’ notice is given. If no notice is given and the client does not attend, 100% of the total fee is payable. The cancellation fees must be paid in full at the next rehearsal.